Dec 17, 2015

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Interview with Baal Kadmon

Blessings of light and darkness fellow occult practitioners.

Ball Kadmon

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I have the great honor to be interviewing Baal Kadmon today. Baal is the author of 26 books and audio books on magick.

His teachings are unconventional to say the least. He shatters the beloved and idolatrously held notions most occultists hold dear. His pared-down approach to magick is a refreshing and is much-needed in a field that is mired by self-important magicians who place more importance on pomp and circumstance rather than on magick. What you learn from Baal is straightforward with no frills.

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Q: You’ve got a very different approach to magick than most other occult practitioners today. What was your inspiration?

Jinn Magick

Baal Kadmon – Jinn Magick

Great question, over the decades I have practiced occult, I always lamented that the systems involved were overly complex. No one ever seemed to ask why this was so. No one ever questioned the veracity of many of the claims either. It was then that I began to experiment quite a bit. I wanted to see what would happen if I broke most of the cardinal rules of magick such as “ circle casting” etc. I did this knowing full well that it could be a risk to me. What I found, however, was astounding. As I stripped the pomp and circumstance  away, my magick started to work. I thought at first it was just me. I talked several of my occult friends into trying this new way with me. Some were very afraid while others gave it a try. They all noticed a profound change in their own magickal practices. I determined the reason for this is that the pomp and circumstance actually became a distraction from the true work. When the distraction was gone, so was gone the fear and thus a more effective magickal energy is established.

Q: Your approach blends vedic mantras, with gnostic and enochian currents. How did you come up with this formula?

In many ways the answer to this was a natural outcropping of my experimentation. As my experimentation grew and as the old ways were stripped away, I decided to experiment with different traditions and make them into “hybrids” for lack of a better term. I am a firm believer that despite the many different names given, we are all tapping into the same essential energy. Each tradition though has its own spiritual “footprint” so when hybridized you are bringing energies together in ways that may not have been experienced before.  I think a magician to be fully immersed in the occult should at least try other systems as well.

Q: Your approach to angels and demons is much different that standard Goetic or Enochian invocation and evocation. Tell us a bit about it.

The teachings presented in the Goetic and Enochian traditions are an example of rituals of considerable complexity and in all truth reflect the mindset of those who acquired this information. As time passes, like most traditions, very few question it because they are afraid. The more profound something sounds, the more and more it is left as is. I am not saying that the traditions are not correct, but they also must be taken within the context in which they were written.  No demon or angel will be bound in a circle because a few names are written around it. That is our way to add a level of control to a situation we feel no control over. It is for this reason I approach these entities head on, no fear. It’s the fear that causes the most damage as FDR said so poignantly” Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”.  Magick is our birthright and should be approached as such…No contrivances

Q: Most of your books are available in audiobook format. I found that listening to the invocations within the audiobook was extremely beneficial to reinforcing your teachings. For someone new to your work, would you recommend the books, the audio books, or both?

Depending on the subject, audio is best for those books that have mantras in them. Although I try to transliterate as best as I can, there is nothing like hearing a mantra spoken or a complex name mentioned.  I for one love audiobooks so for me, it is by far the most convenient way to learn. In the end, it is a matter of learning style and preference.

Q: Where should people start when approaching your system of magick?

I highly suggest that people start with what they were initially looking for. If someone is looking for books on mantras they should start there and move on to other topics as per their interests. All the books I have written are meant to be standalone and can be taken up at any point in a person’s magickal practice. I purposely made this so for those who want to just focus on one topic or theme and leave the rest.

Vashikaran Magick: Learn The Dark Mantras of Subjugation (Mantra Magick Series) (Volume 1)

Vashikaran Magick – Baal Kadmon

Q: Why mantras? What is so special about the vibrational frequencies of the sound?

In the Eastern traditions mantras are at the very core of existence. The universe came into being and is destroyed by them. They are the lifeblood to all things. We in the west associate these sounds solely with Hinduism or Buddhism but when one looks closer… Sacred sounds and syllables are found in all traditions and they all use the same tonal structures , some are shorter some are longer. For example; In the Kabbalah it is said that if one knows HOW to pronounce the true name of God, they will have the power of creation in their hands.  The thing is, when factoring vowels and permutations, it may take a lifetime to get the pronunciation correct. It is the SOUND of the name that makes it powerful. The 99 names of Allah are powerful because of the sound of the names and their underlying power.  In John 1:1 in the beginning was the WORD.  We are in a universe immersed in a cacophony of sound.

Q: Does listening to mantras have the same effect as performing the mantras on your own?

Certainly listening to them Is incredibly helpful. However, to maximize their power it is very much recommended that one recite them. The reason for this is the sound of the mantra permeates your body and mind. When you recite a mantra you actually feel the vibration of the words as you pronounce them. It can be quite profound.


Q: What kind of mala beads would you recommend when working with the various deities?

I personally used the TIBETAN BUDDHIST MEDITATION 108 BEADS  I love how they feel in my hands. But of course any mala beads will do.  If you can make your own, that would be even better.

If you are interested in learning more about Baal Kadmon and his work, please go to his amazon page at

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Author’s Personal Note: I’ve used Baal Kadmon’s magick for quite some time now, and have manifested some very significant and tangible results. His mantra magick is very easy to perform, and produces quick and powerful results. I had used the Dhana Mantra from the Lakshmi Mantra Magick book. I did the chants 108 times (1 mala) every morning and every evening for 41 days. On the 41st day I got a check in the mail from the IRS – apparently they owed me a much bigger refund on all my tax refunds since 2011, and the amount just blew me away. 

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Spell Hub Baal Kadmon Giveaway

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